We want to see God move in our community

The Sanctuary is a contemporary Christian church. We are passionate about reaching souls for Jesus Christ, and everything we do is about Him. We are a local church with a vision to reach our city. Our focus is on being a spirit filled church that reaches out with the love of Christ to those lost and hurting in our community.

Led by Pastors Todd and Sandra, we have built a vibrant community of all ages and backgrounds. We strive to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our community. We are creating weekly spaces for all to come, be welcomed, and find life-changing community in the presence of Jesus Christ. 



The minute you walk in our doors, you belong here. We've created a space that is welcoming to everyone no matter age race or background! We will leave in creating a Church that a lost person can walk into and feel the welcome of the Holy Spirit. 
​​​​​​​LUKE 14:23


We believe in the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no substitute for a life with Jesus. All that we do is centered around creating strong, capable, holy spirit filled believers.



Each and every person is uniquely designed for good works. We believe that all of our church attenders have a role in the body of The Sanctuary church. Our goal as Pastors is to help you find your calling and purpose in this body through serving, groups, outreach, teaching, and prayer. 
​​​​​​​1 CORINTHIENS 12:27

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